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About Matinee Classics

Matinee Classics.com Seeks New Ownership, Creator Retiring

Matinee Classics.com, a premier streaming video and entertainment website is seeking new ownership due to creator/founder retirement. MatineeClassics.com is a custom built turnkey website loaded with content and designed in a manner to attract and retain visitors via 400,000+ inner links and constructed to allow video, audio and images to be viewed and/or purchased via download, which is truly 'Videos on Demand'.

The entire website can be purchased in full or in parts such as just the approx 23,000 public domain videos [equating to 12,000 hours of viewing (4 terabytes of Mpg 4)], 50,000 old time radio shows and/or 50,000 images alone or together.

MatineeClassics.com speaks for itself with thousands of hours of video and audio content from the 1890's to the 1990's along with 2,200 biographies/filmographies of actors and directors. AMC, TCM, Nickelodeon and TV Land among others already validate that classic movies and TV shows have a huge audience. The internet world is acutely aware of the value of abundant and unique 'royalty free' content that allows the new owner to retain all profits while avoiding paying extreme sums in licensing fees. Matinee Classics ® videos are already viewable on most mobile devices, however once a mobile app has been introduced, viewership will increase exponentially. MatineeClassics.com is a formidable entertainment destination and a viable alternative to Hulu, Netflix, Redbox and Amazon etc., which will transform the new owner into a major player in the streaming audio and video arena. We're convinced that within a month's time based on the space already created and considering staffing and advertising connections, the new owner can place at least 250,000+ display and video ads throughout the site. Google already indexes over 20,000 pages of MatineeClassics.com content, providing unlimited avenues for promotion. Our time and energy has been concentrated on the creation and optimization of content rather than monetization.

MatineeClassics.com is now primed for a motivated buyer possessing the expertise, knowledge and resources to maximize its true potential.

The U.S.P.T.O. has granted the Federal trademark for Matinee Classics (#85976579) on May 22, 2012.

On this site you will find:

1) Four unique search engines -- one each for movies, television, radio and actors and directors.

2) A custom-designed link builder which has so far created over 400,000 inner links.

3) Google has indexed 20,000+ pages of movies, television and radio programs with 2,200 pages of actors' and directors' biographies/filmographies.

4) There are over 10,000 videos currently including more than 6,000 movies (silent movies too), more than 1,500 movie trailers, more than 300 television program introductions, more than 4,000 television episodes from the earliest days of TV (including those that were filmed live and in kinescope), more than 1,000 television commercials and more than 1,000 cartoons plus 1000's of educational and historical documentaries and newsreels. As of January 2014 another 13,000 videos are ready to be uploaded.

5) 850 radio programs with more than 20,000 individual episodes with an additional 25,000+ episodes ready to be uploaded.

6) 25,000+ movie posters, publicity shots and movie advertisements with an additional 25,000+ images ready to be added.

7) A trivia game with more than 4,500 questions related to movies, television, radio, and actors and directors.

8) A Community section for visitors/members to share opinions about all movie, TV, radio shows and celebrity related info.

9) Buttons for users to share the site on the major social networking sites such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and Pinterest.

10) A custom built CMS (content management system) to allow for unlimited expansion.

The genres represented for movies are numerous: action, adventure, cartoons, classics, comedy, crime, disaster, documentary, drama, epics, exploitation, family, fantasy, film noir, holidays, horror, musicals, mysteries, science fiction, serials, silent movies, sports films, thrillers, travelogues, war movies, westerns, and wildlife. And in television programming there are cartoons, documentaries, dramas, game shows, kid's shows, medical, news, police, sitcoms, soap operas, suspense, variety programs, and westerns.

Matinee Classics is about recorded entertainment. Here you will find the entertainers and artists whose work spans the decades, from the earliest days of the "Golden Age" of radio, from the earliest movies made by the pioneers of the industry, and from the birth of the phenomenon that is television. People have always needed entertainment, a means to learn more about the world around them, and a way to escape for a while into the world of imagination.

Matinee Classics is also about education. As you search through the immense library of images and programs you will see and hear and learn who the pioneers were, and how their art was produced and the way it has progressed through evolving technology.

Matinee Classics is also about nostalgia. It is about reliving the early days of radio, film, and TV, whether you are old enough to remember them or not. Be transported to a different time and place. For those who do remember the early days, it will spark memories of evenings at home with the family gathered around the big radio to hear the news and to be tantalized by the radio programs that brought comedy, romance, drama, mystery, cowboys and even monsters right into your living room. Viewing the original movies--the silents, the black and whites, the first "talkies", the serial cliffhangers--will inspire memories of the theaters where you stood in line for your ticket, scanned the display cases in the lobby for your special treats (hard candy? chocolate bar?—what to choose?) and inhaled the aroma of freshly popped popcorn surrounding you while you found your seat as a hush fell and the lights dimmed. Where will the movie take you today? How will your hero manage to outwit the villains this week? And then later, watching the early television programs, in the comfort of your own home--cartoons for the children, documentaries for the entire family to watch and to learn from, dramas, comedies, variety shows, westerns--the world, brought right to you.

And even if you are not old enough to remember those early days, here at Matinee Classics you can "experience" them. You can take a look into the past and find the programs, the movies, the pictures that will take you back to see how it was. See the work of the giants upon whose shoulders our modern producers, directors and performers now stand. The earlier radio and television programs and movies may not be new, but they are, in spite of the passage of time, entertaining and enlightening.

This site is the result of a vision, and is an ongoing labor of love to bring the best of recorded entertainment to you. As you meander through the site, you will find radio programs, movies, television programs, and more.

There are more than 50,000 recorded radio shows from the "golden age" of radio and beyond. The genres included in the radio programming are comedies, detective shows, dramas, horror programs, mysteries and westerns. Listen in and hear the type of programming that held people riveted in front of the radio—including the Orson Welles' classic "War of the Worlds". Radio was so important and so riveting that some of the audience believed the broadcast was relating real events.

There are over 50,000 color movie posters, lobby cards, and black and white still (publicity) photos from the greatest loved movies ever, as well as movie titles screens. These movie posters and black and white stills, by their very nature, were intended to promote the movie and as such the great majority was never copyrighted because the intent was solely to advertise the production.

The site offers content that, in essence, makes it tantamount to having a classic movie channel or cable television channel available to you 24-hours a day 7 days a week, with the programs YOU want when YOU want them.

Thanks to today's technology, you can also enjoy the content of the site on your portable devices (such as iPhones, Xboxes, iPads, eReaders, MP3 players, and others), and on web-connected televisions.

As you wind your way through the site, enjoying the discovery of everything that is being offered, you are asked to remember that, since some of the videos and images being presented are from the late 1800's (therefore being over a century old) they may not appear to be of the same polished quality that is expected in recent productions. Bear in mind that they are being offered in their original production quality, using what was then the latest technology, and should be expected to show some age. These productions have intentionally been left in their original condition.

Not only is the site entertaining and educational, it is also a heartfelt way to preserve these gems of entertainment. Many of the items being offered to you here are being salvaged from extinction. For the earliest radio programs and for movies and TV productions, this is a repository, a library, a database, a warehouse, indeed a museum where rare and wonderful works can be treasured and shared with you.

Radio, film and TV are like cousins that have grown up together, influencing one another in technology, technique, and style. As you search the site, you will also be able to see the connections between the different mediums. Often, programs that were popular in one medium were adapted to another medium, and you will see how radio programs progressed into movies, and how movies progressed into television programs, or vice versa, from television programs into movies.

There is also a community area being offered where you can express your views on the different programs you enjoy, and where others can share their comments with you. This area is only for the purpose of discussing and disseminating information about the programs and images being offered, and no member advertising will be allowed.

Matinee Classics is a family-friendly site with something for everyone, from the ages of 1 to 99, to enjoy.

This is an evolving, ongoing project, with new programs and movies being added all the time. It should be considered an encyclopedia of entertainment, and a database for programming which will eventually contain every movie and television or radio program produced and still in existence.

You are invited to relax, settle back, and wander the site to discover all that is being offered. Experience the pleasure of the earliest in recorded entertainment, and the more recent as well. And spread the word--tell your friends about Matinee Classics and share the pleasure with them!

Take your time-- add the site to your favorites or bookmarks--you'll want to return often. Because of the sheer volume of entertainment possibilities here…it will take more than a lifetime to enjoy it all.

Interested parties may contact the owner via email mgmt (at) matineeclassics.com – (818) 392-4966

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